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Metal Cutting Band Saws from Roll-In Saw

Roll-In Saw band saws handle your high capacity needs efficiently and safely. All of Roll-In Saw’s band saws are made for metal cutting. Some models cut plastics and woods. But whichever model you choose, you will be selecting three saws in one: a Roll-In Saw Band Saw is designed to serve you as a cut off saw, a rip saw, as well as a profile and contour saw. 

Our company is the American manufacturer of “The Original” band saw – the band saw often copied, but never duplicated. Roll-In Saw’s unique, gravity feed features were patented in 1940 and set the standard for the industry. These features combine to improve the accuracy and ease of every cut you make.

Roll-In Saw manufactures horizontal band saws and vertical band saws in our factory in Cleveland, Ohio. Our versatile horizontal mitre band saws – either the swivel or the horizontal – are high capacity. We manufacture eight different models of vertical and horizontal band saws – all economically priced and built for years of reliable service.

To learn more, please visit the Band Saws section of this site. Roll-In band saws are available through a network of distributors.  Click here to find the one nearest you.

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To learn more about our band saws and our all-American manufacturing policy, please visit the Band Saws section of this site.

Rollin band saws are available through a network of distributors   Click here to find the distributor nearest you.

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