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The Original Since 1940, Built to Last A Lifetime

Roll-In Saw was founded in 1940.  The company introduced the only band saw on the market with a patented design where the frame comes down on an inclined plane into the work on two rails tilted at six-degrees.  Material placed on the frame takes advantage of the pull of gravity to roll easily into the cutting area.  This gravity-feed rolling action gave birth to the name Roll-In Saw.

Over half a century later, “The Original” is still the company’s best selling band saw.  It is virtually three saws in one:  a cut off saw, rip saw, as well as a profile and contour saw.  Its versatility makes it both unique and popular.

Since the development of “The Original,” Roll-In Saw has designed and built other vertical band saws and also added a line of horizontal band saws.  All our band saws are Made In America and adhere to Roll-In Saw’s rigid high quality standards.

We will design and build saws to your custom specifications.  We also offer full CNC manufacturing capabilities, as well as extreme precision Swiss screw machining capabilities.  If we can't make it, it can't be made.

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Thank you from the Rock and Roll City!

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