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The Original Band Saw
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JM12120 Vertical Tool Die Band Saw Roll-In Saw Journeyman JM1220 Vertical Tool and Die Band Saw

From the digital speed control with readout to the calibrated tilt-table, the Journeyman Vertical JM1220 Tool and Die band saw from Roll-in Saw sets the standard for versatility.  To increase operator efficiency, the tilt-table moves 11” front to back by counterweight pressure controlled with a foot pedal and lock.

The variable speed control, tilt-table “Adjusto-Blok®” blade guides, blade guard, chip-clearing funnel, chip blower, angle plate and blades all add up to high performance when making contour and profile cuts, rip cuts, and the most complex angle cuts.

Pressure for the table feed is supplied by a counterweight, that is adjustable, supplying fifteen pounds to sixty pounds of cutting pressure.  Gravity supplies the power. The hydraulic regulator system further assures accurate chatter-free cutting speeds. 

The standard tilting table combined with power feed makes compound angle cuts practical.  This is a perfect precision-cutting machine for tool and die, R&D, and model shops.

Price:  $9,295.00

Technical Data
Capacity Under Guides
12 ½” Maximum, table-to-guide
Welded steel
Blade Size
3/4" Width x 12' 10" Length .035 Thick (bi-metal)
Blade Guard Blade
Blade Guides
“Adjusto-Blok®” blade guides for 1/4” to 3/4" blade widths
Blade Speeds
70 to 500 sfpm digital speed control with readout*
24” x 24”  Precision ground steel,  tilts 45° right, 10° left, 1° calibration marks
Feed Systems
Gravity feed
Aluminum, 20 ¼” x 1 ½” with polyurethane molded surface
2HP, 220/440V, 60-cycle, three-phase
Dimensions 46" Width x 80" Height x 30" Length
Shipping Weight 1,000 lbs. F.O.B. Cleveland, Ohio
Special Features
Table traverses: 11” front to back by counterweight pressure, controlled by foot pedal and lock
Compressed air chip blower
Optional Equipment
1” Welder, grinder, and shear

*Pulleys for optional speeds of 140-1038 and 280-2076 sfpm

(Specifications subject to change without notice)
One Year Limited Warranty

Replacement Parts for your JM1220 Vertical Tool and Die Band Saw

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