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Original Band Saw Since 1940
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Satisfied customers. Outstanding results. Since 1940.

All of us at Roll-In Saw are proud of the fact that since 1940 our band saws have contributed to the success of thousands of customers in large companies, small machine shops, and home workshops across the country. 

We appreciate hearing about how our saws have helped to make it easier, faster, and safer to complete your important projects.

Attention Sales Mgr:  
Enclosed is a picture of my Roll In Saw. I purchased the saw sometime in the early 60's. I think 61 or 62. The number stamped in the saw is 3012.
The purpose of this letter is to let you know that I have had the best of service out of this saw, and do not think there is anything on the market to match the quality and service that Roll In Saw delivers. The only thing I have replaced after all of these years are the wheel tires, and I had to make them because I did not know you were still in business.
I am also enclosing a cutting to show you how good it still cuts.  
Leroy B.  

Dear Mr. Masters
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for providing a small shop like mine with such a high quality tool at such an affordable price. I run a one-man precision tool shop which makes it necessary for me to run multiple machines. My five year old Roll-In saw works unattended in it's corner of the shop several hours a day. It is sawing 1"x12" flat plate as I am writing this email.
Thank You
Martin S.

Orbital Tool Technologies
Skip B.
Loves his TF1420. Says to use him as an end-user reference.

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