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Roll-In Saw Horizontal and Vertical Metal Cutting Band Saws for Industrial or Home Use

Roll-In Saw is known for “The Original,” – model EF1459 - the band saw that set the standard for the industry.  In addition, Roll-In Saw builds seven other models:  three horizontal band saws, three verticals, and a tilt-frame vertical. 

Vertical Band Saws

In addition to the all-purpose “Original,” Roll-In Saw manufactures a powerful Vertical Tilt-Frame band saw, a workhorse 20-inch Tool & Die Journeyman, and a 20-inch Economy Journeyman.

Horizontal Band Saws

Our horizontal mitre band saws are available in two versions – dry or wet.  Our third horizontal - the robust Model HS1418 runs on a two horsepower 220/440V three-phase motor.  All our horizontal band saws swivel 60° in both directions.

Whether you need an industrial band saw for the shop floor or your garage workshop, Roll-In Saw band saws provide the versatility, capacity, efficiency, safety, and simplicity to help you do the job quickly and economically.

Click on the icons to view the specifications of each band saw.  To learn more from a distributor, click on “Locate a Distributor.”

Locate Roll-In Band Saw Distributor
Vertical Band Saws
EF1459 verticle band saw
JE1320 verticle band saw
 DT1340 deep throat band saw
Model EF1459
Vertical All-Purpose Band Saw
Model JE1320
Journeyman 20" Vertical Economy Band Saw
Deep Throat Vertical Band Saw
JM1220 verticle band saw
TF1420 verticle band saw
Model JM1220
Journeyman Vertical Tool & Die Band Saw
Model TF1420
Vertical Tilt-Frame Band Saw

Horizontal Band Saws
HM1212 horizontal band saw
HW1212 horizontal wet miter bandsaw
HS1418 horizontal band saw
Model HM1212
Horizontal Miter Band Saw
Model HW1212
Horizontal Wet Miter Band Saw
Model HS1418
Horizontal Swivel Band Saw
Vertical Band Saw

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